“Ripp is a genuinely great songwriter” – Americana UK

“Sincere voice, dazzling lyrics and catchy guitar melody” – No Depression

“Top of the singer songwriters that the world is long overdue to discover” - Rootstime

“Catchy melodies which are complimented by solid song writing and singing”- CBC Radio

"Mark Ripp can tear at your heart even as his words disturb you” -Perfomer

"Some of the most intelligent an heartfelt canuck roots-rock around." –Toronto Star

"A natural songsmith if there ever was one." – Chart Magazine

"Mark Ripp has a gorgeous shade-of-country voice" – College Music Journal

"An exquisite example of the power of the song." – T.O. Magazine

"You listen to the songs and want to pursue what you just heard, you want more." -RPM Magazine

Smart, genuine and thoughtful song writing, based on considerate, appreciative observations” – Insurgent Country 


Mark Ripp & The Confessors - Under The Circumstances
“Under The Circumstances” dimostra quanto, con relativamente pochi mezzi a disposizione, si possa assemblare un disco solido, compatto ed ispirato. [Read More...]
Great review in NO DEPRESSION!!

A thoughtful review.


Diamonds In a Mud Puddle in a Swampy Chiming Guitar Tradition
"Ripp is smart enough to infuse his songs with his rich delivery, originality and stubborn creativity." [Read More...]
First Review for "Under The Circumstances"

The first review for my new album is in.  Lots of good things to say about the record from Rootstime, a popular Americana music website.


Mark Ripp - Quiet Again
"Ripp's sincere voice, dazzling lyrics and catchy guitar melody grabs your attention" [Read More...]
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