I'm a singer songwriter in the Americana genre.  My start was in the coffee houses of Toronto some forty years ago.  Those folk beginnings we're followed by a ten year run as front man and writer for Canadian roots rockers The Bel-Vistas.  The last couple of decades have been spent raising a family and pursuing music as a solo artist.

I work away in my home studio now and am sometimes involved in recording and producing for others.   My latest release is called “Under The Circumstances” and is a musical journey through the often unwieldy lives we lead.

Influences are many but the ones who set the bar high for me then and now include: Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, Neil Young, Van Morrison and Nick Lowe. 

If you’re a fan of thoughtful, melodic, roots based song writing I encourage you to have a listen.  For the most part I perform as a solo acoustic act and occasionally work with a great band called The Confessors, I’m also a member of a rockin’ four piece cover group called Stone Blue.

Some Highlights: 

  • songs published by Sony Music
  • recording artist with Eureka Records
  • album release in Europe with Blue Rose Records
  • radio play across Canada, the U.S., and Europe
  • video play on MuchMusic, CMT Canada and Europe
  • extensive live experience, including cross Canada touring
  • opening act for The Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo and Tom Cochrane (and many others) 
  • critically well received in Europe and North America



  • "The Bel-Vistas" - self titled EP - released 1990 – independent
  • "Somewhere Along The Line" - The Bel-Vistas - released 1992 - Eureka/Capitol Records
  • "Pretty Ugly" - The Bel-Vistas - released 1994 - Blue Rose Records - independent
  • "Wherever I Go" - Mark Ripp - released 1997 – independent
  • "Minor Miracle" - Mark Ripp & The Confessors - released 2002 – independent
  • "Long Story Short" - Mark Ripp & The Confessors - released 2010 - independent
  • "Quiet Again" - Mark Ripp - released 2013- independent
  • “Under The Circumstances” – released 2017 – Independent / Banbury Park Records



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